How to create painted bedroom furniture

How to create painted bedroom furniture


Painted bedroom furniture can be really creative and good to look at as well.There are various kinds of painting techniques for wooden bedroom furniture.Painting adds versatility and style to the furniture and it helps you to create a number of designs.


Painted bedrom furniture is available in various kinds of styles and adds great style and versatality to your bedroom.if you want to create unique hand painted furniture, you can try out stenciling .So what are the steps to create a well painted bedroom furniture.

The first step to well painted bedroom furniture

The first step to create a well painted bedroom furniture  is by sanding and applying a base coating.The wood has to be coated with a good primer.There are various colors that you can try out for painting your bedroom furniture.You can select colors like black, brown, maroon, white and other colors as well.If you try choosing painted bedroom furniture for your kids room, you can try out from a variety of multiple colors.

Selecting a stencil that works with the wood

Select a stencil that usually works with different colors that you are using and that which adds to the right amount of design. They are available in multiple layers or one layer. Make sure that you mark the surface of the wood with the registration marks that are found in the corners of the stencil. Each layer have a matching mark you can choose any design that you would like to add to your furniture and then draw the design accordingly and then color the same.

Last step of preparation

The last step is to paint a piece of cardboard or paper with the same color. Once the painting dries place the stencil on the paper and then tape it with tape so that it doesn’t move. Use sponge dabbers to paint the wooden bedroom furniture. Painted bedroom furniture looks really good   and elegant. You can try purchasing various kinds of painted wooden furniture from online internet stores as well as retail stores and home décor stores. They are available at affordable prices and are made with the best quality materials that will last for a long period of time as well.

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